Wednesday, 17 December 2014

So Frustrated

Oh I could crush a grape at the moment.  Part of H's MS at the moment is that on an evening his legs feel like they are burning and he has uncontrollable twitches.  In bed, he can wake me up he's twitching so much - though strangely he can sleep through them :-)

So the MS team at the hospital wrote to our GP to ask him to prescribe a certain drug.  Hubby went today to ask for the drug and the Dr refused to prescribe it, saying he'd never heard of it.  Now if I received a letter with a new drug on it I would google it to look into it.  So he has prescribed a drug which H's Dad has been taking with some major side effects so Hubby won't even get the prescription filled and the drug only stops the burning not the twitching.

All I can suspect is that either it's a cheaper drug or the Dr gets a bonus for prescribing it.

On another note the MS Physio arranged for a chair to be delivered this week for Hubby to test out to see if it makes it easier for him to get up and down.  Shame it's obviously come from a smoker's home and now my living room absolutely reeks. - it gets collected next week!!!

The NHS is sadly not fit for purpose with long term illnesses and it is so frustrating - ARGH.

Rant over!!!


  1. :( sounds like you're having a bad week xx

    1. Rather a bad day! It's just frustrating that the GP has the power to make decisions for an illness he knows nothing about Vs the Specialist in the illness. Grrrrr