Sunday, 7 December 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

It's that time of the week again and I start thinking about positive things whilst in a peeved mood, so I am thinking, oh hang it, I'll miss this week.  But then I think no, being peeved for an hour or 2 shouldn't spoil the rest of the week.  So here I am with the things making me happy this past week.

1) Looking at old photographs whilst de-cluttering.  Anyone know where this was taken?  Yup, that's me in the pushchair - I haven't changed much - I still go round kicking one foot into the air and grinning madly................

2) Opening the advent box.  I got a fab knitted snowman.  He is a little scary as he has no eyes, but the rest of him is lovely :-)  Hubby has opened 2 of the gifts and found chocolate each time - how does he manage that?

3) Spending the day with my Mum.  We finished (most) of the Christmas shopping, had lunch, shared a bottle of wine and just had a lovely day together.  So glad we can do this now.

4) Walking Anni in the woods.  I don't like to do it by myself but we did it and she loved running through ALL the mud she could find.  I am so happy we got a black Lab who loves mud.........

PS Is it too early to open the Christmas chocolates????????

5)  H has opened the choccies - hooray.

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