Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Grand Day Out

My friends G and C and I try and meet up fairly regularly throughout the year.  We all used to work together in Leeds and were determined not to loose touch when first G and then I left work.

Yesterday it was G's turn to do the Christmas do and what a day it was.   Although I was up early yesterday I went so wrong and felt all a dither.  Although I had loads of time before I had to catch the bus, I somehow started ironing and suddenly I had 8 minutes to get out of the house and onto the bus.  I forgot the wine for lunch, the soft drinks and my mobile phone and by the time I was sat on the bus, I wasn't even sure I was on the right timed bus.........  thankfully by the time I got to G's I was a little calmer and less rushed.

Thank you G is was lovely and I do love spending time with you and C.

Me and G

G & C

A few Advent gifts perhaps......
 Photos courtesy of C (thank you).

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  1. ...wishing I'd remembered to move the clothes airer away from the radiator...

    It was lovely to see you both.