Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Do you think she's comfy?  She's even got the remote!!!!!!

The blanket she is on was knitted by my Grandma (and my Mum thinks some of the squares may have been from her Grandma) and given to me when I went to University when I was 18.  It is precious and is the last outing it's having. It will be washed this week and put away (it is just starting to get damaged).  The blanket over her is H's new blanket.  We spoil our pets don't we!!!


  1. There's nothing quite like knitted or crochet blankets for snuggliness and Anni knows it. As for the question you posed in your last post, is it Scarborough?

    1. Hi Jo. Yup, it's Scarborough. My Grandma B moved there when I was a baby so we used to go a lot. I've got a real soft spot for the place. Just chosen my wool to make myself a blanket over Christmas. I am so excited.