Thursday, 28 August 2014

Oh dear

how do you know you are not in the best mood????

You shout at the bloke walking his 2 dogs in the woods, aimlessly wandering whilst dog number one has a poo.  "Scuse me,  I shouted (he was quite away away), your dog's having a big poo".  He wandered back, told me he hadn't any bags on him.  "You're lucky day, I have spare", as I handed over a bag.  Apparently he looked quite shocked I had the nerve to tell him off.  Sorry, old man, not in a good mood.

If you own a dog, pick up after it.  It's not difficult............

Anyone fancy coming on a walk with me?????

Photos below taken on a recent walk in the same woods, so Mum could go blackberry picking.

Anni waiting patiently for set off.  C'mon.

Blackberry picking up the lane.

Pose for the camera- what's in the bag?????

Still a long walk up the lane.

Countryside views, 10 mins walk from home.

Dingly Dell???

Ah, reward for waiting whilst we picked blackberries.

I love water, I do.  Love Anni x

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