Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crafting on Holiday

Now last year I took no crafting on holiday and I regretted it hugely.  I just felt lost with nothing to do.  Now I did read A LOT of books (and that's great) but my hands were itching to make something.  So this year, I bought a crochet and knitting magazine which came with wool and hooks/needles and was set to go.

I wasn't too bothered in the first week but by week 2 I needed to do something.  As you know I am a crochet beginner so I concentrated on making Granny Squares.  Want to see what I came up with?  I didn't manage too much as I couldn't remember how to do it without using the Internet, and I couldn't see the screen clearly in the sunshine and I was determined to enjoy the sunshine this year.

Basic Granny Square - I can do these once I remind myself about the number of stitches needed.  I do love how these change depending on what colour you do.  I also made one in blue and white which I love (and used as a coaster).

A Closed Granny Square.  I love the look of this one, but I have to REALLY concentrate to make it and it's not perfect.  I hope to make many of these and make a blanket.  I'll worry about joining them when I feel I have mastered them!!!

I am not happy with the one below.  It is meant to be a circle in a square.  I think it is ok until the blue, then it doesn't look like a square.  I think I misread the pattern and didn't do the corners well enough.  Another one which needs lots of practise.

All in all I doubt I'll buy the magazine again.  The hook wasn't brilliant and had sharp bits on it which the wool kept catching on.  I also wasn't keen on the wool - I LOVE the blue though.  So on future holidays I think I will take my regular hooks and choose a couple of balls of wool to pack.

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