Sunday, 10 August 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

This week has been a nothing kind of week and it's been great.  We arranged to see someone about a new wheelchair - we think we have finally chosen which one to buy, we ate healthily (sometimes), enjoyed the quietness of doing very little.

Making me happy this week;

1) Ice cream with Sour Cherry (this one is for you Maria).  The sun was shining, I'd remembered to buy ice cream (no banana in sight) and opened the Sour Cherries.  Yum

2) Knitting- no photos allowed.  A new project, (gone wrong twice now.  Mum has fixed once and I suspect will have to frog and help again). MMMMMuuuuuummmmmmmmm and I think it won't fit me too - arghhhhhhhhhh.

3) Walking Anni in the sunshine, with friends, and with family.  It's always nicer to walk with other people.

4) Finding new storage solutions to help with the de-cluttering.  Hopefully a trip to Ikea this week and we'll be set to start de-cluttering mark 2.  I will look forward to it................. maybe.

5) Thinking of our trip to Molyvos.  Yup, that's it in the photo below.  We have never flown over it on the way home before, and we were actually sat on the right side of the airplane so I could take photos.

PS The airport at Mytilene - now there is an experience you have to experience to believe!!!!!  Next Summer there will be 3 flights to the UK on a Saturday.  Great for the island, not so great for travelling.  It'll be hell - fact!!!!


  1. Hi Sally! An "Elephant Ear" is a large piece of fried dough doused in butter and cinnamon sugar. :) Traditional fair food over here. The first few bites are pretty delicious, then it starts to sit heavy in your stomach!!!

    1. Hi Heather - I think I'd be willing to give it a go :-)