Sunday, 31 August 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow, what a glorious day it's turning out to be.  Gone, are the winter jumpers and the extra blankets.  If this is an Indian Summer (why is it called that anyway) then I'll take it.  Roll on for September please.

Making me happy this week (in no particular order);

1) Friends coming for tea.  Lovely to see A & R and to make a new dish.  We had stew (something I don't often make - shows how cold it's been this week) and cake.  Did you know I love baking...........

Cake - Mmmmmm

2) Walking Anni B.  It's been great getting wrapped up and going for walks.  Not sure what she's trying to tell me below, that shot took about 10 attempts too!!!!!  Hoping we get many more walks in the dry before Winter arrives.

Muttley anyone?

3) Eating chocolate- is that ever bad.  I was given some for my Birthday and they supply a local shop so it'd be rude not to help a small business :-) Check out www.guppyschocolate  , you won't be disappointed!

4) Spending a sunny Sunday at a local canal and beer festival in Brighouse with my Hubby.  We don't often do things together as sometimes it is easier not to.  BUT we are making an effort to do more and not take the easiest path.  Thanks to Mum and Dad for taking us.

H and I
5) Wearing my flips flops again when I had thought it had stopped being warm.  Fingers crossed I'll get a few more days out of them this Summer.

Ahhhh flip flops.

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