Monday, 18 August 2014

Making me HAPPY this (LAST!) Week

Ok, I've done it again.  When I decided to do these "happy" posts I never imagined that I wouldn't be able to think of things on a Sunday!!  How hard is it?

So here goes;

1) H not getting more hurt when he fell.  He was all a fluster (or not if you believe him!!) and putting Anni into her crate for the night when he lost his balance and started free wheeling backwards.  He tried to fall on the floor to be safe but bounced off the pouffe first.  I am happy that he didn't do more damage - though Anni needed a love as he scared her when he fell.....................

2) Walking Anni in the local woods with my parents.  She lights up when she sees my Dad and for days afterwards waits in the window to see if they are coming again.  Anni is only my second dog so I have no idea if her fixation with my Dad is normal or not.

3) Watching this film for date night.  I was surprised I loved it so much.  Is it wrong that I am on Cesar's side????     Eager to see the next one now - hint to Hubby!

4) G coming for lunch.  It's always lovely to see my friends.  Anni says thanks for the walk too.  When are you coming next?

5) Arranging to meet a friend for lunch today (I know it's this week but I arranged it last week).  I tend to find it hard to leave the house sometimes - it goes in phases, so I try and make sure I get out each week.  When I don't and I haven't for 2 weeks now, I do find it hard to make myself go out.  I'll be right when I'm on the bus.

PS How can it be so cold in August!!!!!

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