Sunday, 24 August 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

It's Friday night and I am making a start on my happiness post.......

1)Lunch with Mum.  It was lovely.

2) Walking Anni in the woods by myself.  I hate the woods, so it is a big deal for me.

3) Baking.  Biscuits with a raspberry flavoured topping.  All gone (SAD FACE).

4) Walking Anni with my Dad.  When Mum was ill we spent loads of time walking Anni together.  I miss spending this one on one time with him.  Don't get me wrong it's nice with both of them, but it's the only time I ever spend with my Dad by ourselves, so it makes me happy.

5) Waking up without a hangover after an engagement do last night.  I don't like parties, too many people for me so usually drink a little too much.  Last night I didn't and it was much more fun!!!!!

Now I think I need to go and bake a cake - it's a hard life!

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