Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside

Oh I do love to be beside the sea,
Oh I do love to walk along the Prom, prom, prom
where the brass band plays diddle-om-pom-pom

My big dream is to live by the sea- FACT.  Thankfully H wouldn't mind too.  I think it's a long way away but you never know and you do need a dream.

Yesterday my friends G and C took me to Scarborough for my Birthday treat.  I was so excited when they told me - in fact I think I was actually speechless.  We agreed that I would not make any decisions about the day and would go with the flow and boy did we flow :-)

Do you remember we were in Scarborough in November (with Anni and my parents?).  Well the beach huts look even better in the sunshine.  

We had Pimms on the beach.

 We had Birthday cupcakes and candles.

We had a paddle.

I could watch the waves for hours.  We did have a paddle and some of us may have gone in deeper - not me I hasten to add as I am not mad!!

Scarborough has 2 different bays.  We started in the North Bay, which is more relaxed and less commercial than the South Bay.  The beach is long and sandy (until the tide comes right in).

We then walked along the cliff to the South Bay.  The South Bay was very busy, full of amusement arcades and fish shops (& tat shops).

At the seaside H and I have a competition we call the 2p challenge.  We each get £1 of 2p coins to put into the penny shove machines (not sure what the technical term is).  You have to put all of the £1 in the machine.  The winner is whoever wins the most (including prizes).  I introduced C and G to the 2p Challenge.  Not sure C was a fan - well until she won!!!!!

Can you spot C's "prize"?

C then convinced me to go on a big wheel (well a small version of a big wheel if you know what I mean).  Why did we go as it looked like a storm was coming in?  It was so windy at the top.  Not sure it was our brightest idea but at least C loved it, me not so much and G was having none of it!!!!!!  Still there were some good views at the top.

Do you see the the path going up the cliff in the photo below?  Years ago this was a cliff.  There was an old hotel at the top.  One day the cliff collapsed and took the hotel with it.  (More information  bbc news )

My Grandma lived in Scarborough so I have many happy memories of this place.  One thing I remembered was an old rock in the South Bay that looks like a house.  We couldn't see it when we were on the cliff top so assumed it had gone.  I was so happy to spot it on our walk back to the car.  There is some confusion as the original of this house but I like this story  Hairy Bob

We then came across this statue.  Walking up he looks normal sized but when you get closer you see him in all his glory.

Thank you ladies- you rock!!!

C and G - my friends. x

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