Sunday, 6 July 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello.  This week has been FABULOUS.  Yes siree Bob.

So narrowing it down to;

1) Le Grand Depart.  From Yorkshire.  Ey up Lads.  What an experience.  We didn't go in person as the thought of a wheelchair in such a crowd put us off - we need to man up!!!!!  We did watch though.  My big Brother was there and said there were 250,000 in the crowds in Leeds.

2) Making my first crochet hat.  Story to follow in another post.

3) Making cards.  I go through fits and starts with card making but have a few to be giving out at the moment, including an engagement card for H's brother.

4) Wicked.  The best show ever - fact!

5) Lunch out with H's parents to celebrate his Mum's Birthday.  Haven't been out for a while and discovered a new pudding.  St Clement's Pie - I think I may have to find a recipe to give it a try myself.

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