Thursday, 17 July 2014

Being Spoilt

A week today I will be 40.  Now, that doesn't bother me.  I'll be a day older than the day before and a day younger than I will be the following day.  So NOT BOTHERED.

However, it has meant that my lovely friends have pulled out all the stops to make me feel loved, and feel loved I do.

Yesterday I met my friend S in Leeds for a catch up.  We try and meet up as often as we can, but she lives in another place and has 2 young children so it can be difficult.  Yesterday we started talking the second we laid eyes on each other- and this was across the street from each other - oh yes, we have tons to catch up with and never enough time to catch up.

After a drink, S is addicted to Starbucks we went for a wander.  "Oh no" says I, "I have nothing to buy".  Then I remembered i needed travel wash and pants for H.  Could I find either, could I heck........ Grrrrrr.

We had lunch in a fabulous Retro tea room, so nice to be in the middle of a city but in the quiet of a little tea room without a care in the world.  We had a sandwich and afternoon tea between us and just relaxed.  If in Leeds, I can recommend it Grand tearooms

A bonus of eating lunch here, was that we were sat across from some fabulous looking shops and I am very pleased to say that I have at last found my independent shops for Leeds (in the past I have had to travel to York for independent shopping).

One of S's gifts to me was the most gorgeous blue handbag to take on my hols.  I may even get around to taking a photo on daylight so you can see if you like it!!!!

Last night my SIL A took my out for Dinner.  We went to our local pub down the road as it has a nice beer garden.  We sat out until 9.30pm (when I started shivering) chatting and catching up.  She also gave me a gorgeous bottle of perfume (one of my favourites) so I was feeling well loved yesterday.

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