Monday, 7 July 2014


As you now I have not been crocheting for long.  I have made some Granny Squares and am making a blanket from trebles.  Last week, at my class I started a Beanie.  Unfortunately we were trying to work from memory so we ended up having to frog it once or twice before giving up and frogging it back to nothing :-)

So we stopped and tried again this week with a pattern.  C (my teacher) started me off and then I took over.  What do you think?  I used a chunky wool and bought 2 more balls to make a matching scarf!- Shush don't tell H.

Now there is a small issue with the beanie hat.  Just a small one........  Somehow when I was doing the latter rounds I added an extra stitch and it may have had a small unintended effect to my new hat.  I now have a hat with a tail - ah, give over, you'll want one by the end of Winter !!!!!!!


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