Friday, 11 April 2014

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Woohoo, we have a winner.  Name from a hat, well a gorgeous bowl I bought in Molyvos, swim fishes swim........

Now be prepared to be amazed by the number of entries.  After complaints from Hubby his name was in the proverbial hat, but he was warned if he won, it would be redrawn.  In fact, I must check that he hasn't "accidentally" eaten part of the giveaway.

 Are you waiting excitedly yet, G, J and A??????? (and hubby)..........

Who is it????  Who..............  and the winner is...............

Well done Gill.  You are a winner - thank Hubby's lucky fingers for pulling your name out of the hat.

1 comment:

  1. I am utterly delighted to be a winner - but then, being friends with Sally is always going to be a winning situation!

    Following Sally's example, when I get to 100 posts of my own, I shall hold a similar competition.

    Thank you, Sally!