Wednesday, 23 April 2014

40 good deeds in my 40th year.

So I have decided that in honour of me (and HUBBY) being 40 this year - he already is, I'm not quite........ I am going to do 40 things to help other people.  I am not sure how this will pan out and what that will entail but I would like to help 40 other people.

In order for me to track my progress I have made a new tab at the top of my blog so I can see how far I have gone through my 40 things.  So good deeds will be to help friends, strangers and charities and will be spread throughout the year.

So you have any suggestions?  Charities that you support that I can take a look at.  I may decide not to help certain charities, as I already help some but I am happy to take a look.

1 comment:

  1. A very simple thing you can do is when you've read a book, look it up on Amazon and leave a review there for the author. It can be a huge thrill to get a review, especially if it's for a craft book, for example, where the writer may not expect reviews.