Thursday, 3 April 2014


Do you have a favourite?

Now that spring is here - is it??????????   We are hiding in the house to avoid the bad air outside.  My nose is running and breathing a little raggy.  I suffer dreadfully from allergies, a recent -ish development.  Indeed, I kinda disbelieved those who suffered each year and thought oh, yeah how bad can it be.  Well from someone who now relys on allergy tablets and nasal sprays and can still feel like death, I take it back.   I am so sorry, please make it stop.................

I LOVE flowers, absoultely adore them.  So it got me thinking if I could have a bunch of flowers suddenly appear - are you reading this hubby?  What would I choose?

Would I choose yellow roses (as in my wedding bouquet)?

Or Lilly's?

Maybe Lavender - I love the smell?

Gerbera ?

Nope, I'd pink a bunch of pink tulips - every single time, or a bunch of mixed vibrant tulips.  I love flowers, but I love the simple flowers that make me think of sunshine and happiness everytime I look at them.

 Pics taken from the Internet.

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