Sunday, 13 April 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Can you become addicted to a tv programme?  You don't need to answer that one.  Oh, yes you can.  When Hubby dislocated his knee earlier this year and was off of work recovering, I downloaded series 3-9 of "Grey's Anatomy" and I was addicted.  I HAD to sit and watch multiple episodes as often as possible, now I am not as bothered.  Not sure whether the lack of episodes to watch has anything to do with this. I am now addicted to "Bones" - shush Hubby isn't as bothered and is in fact sleeping as I watch!  Anyway, I digress.

Making me happy;

1) Baking.  Cake for tea and cake for when G visits tomorrow.

2) Getting money back to put towards a holiday.

3) Buying a new coat - I've been searching for the perfect coat for over a year now!!!!  I no longer need to go out in my dog walking coat - woohoo!

4) Starting a Christmas present for little L (photo to be taken in daylight).

5) Having a very quiet week - lovely.  Next week is very busy - do you have that.  Weeks that are either stupidly busy or very, very quiet.  I like both of them as I don't think you can enjoy the quiet times if you don't have the busy times.  I think my next quiet time is about a month away - I must book a Pyjama day!!!

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