Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Birthday Post

Are you nosey like I am?  I love seeing what people get for presents.  I often use it as a way to update my Amazon list - I can hardly ever think of things I need before any occasion but think of loads of things afterwards!!!!

I got cake.  Well I bought it, well I bought 2.  I went into shop 1 and found a strawberry cake which looked lovely so I bought it.  I then went into shop 2 and saw the lemon cake (below) and wanted that instead.  So I came home and presented H will both choices.  He chose 1 for my Birthday and 1 for the day before!!!!!!  He chose in the way I would have done and we both agreed that the strawberry one was nicer - Grrrrrr.

My Hubby outdid himself this year.  I have coverted something (almost anything) from Buttonsy and he did not disappoint.  I got a gorgeous necklace and a box of happy.  The box of happy is a set of the most gorgeous cards (better description here)  H was impressed with every aspect of shopping with Buttonsy and I hope that he will be spending many more happy moments shopping with them.............. :-)

My friend G made me the most fabulous owl family, in my favourite colours.

You can never beat books.  I lurve books (did you ever know that!!!)  To me, it isn't a real celebration without a pile of books.  Thankfully those who love me know that.  I can't wait to start these.

I also love stationery - hello who doesn't?????  My friend N knows me so well.  I was only looking at these earlier in the week, but there was a woman with a HUGE bag in the way and I was running late so I made a mental note to go back another time.  Thanks N!

 Sorry can't work out how to turn the next photo.  I saw this bag whilst on holiday in Menorca and my Mum offered to buy me it.  She then went snuck back to buy the matching purse (in the box).  How cute is the box.  Now that's how shopping should come, all pretty.  Also a 20p attached to the tag as you should never give a purse/bag without money in it - can't remember why, but my Mum has always done it.

 Then to top it all off the card below was from my friend S.  It actually made me cry.  I am so lucky to have my family and friends.

I was so lucky that I received this and more (but the pictures are pants and the camera needs charging) so they shall remain secrets which make me smile.

I also consider that I am lucky to not only to have made friendships on this T'internet thingy but also to receive a card from J - thank you so much.


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes. July is an excellent month for a birthday!
    What a wonderful card you received from your friend, you are obviously treasured.
    Wonderful gifts, stationery is an instant hit. Will have to investigate Buttonsy.
    Will do my best with the cookie book, there are some fab looking biscuits in there.
    Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa. July in the best month!! I'd defintiely recommend Buttonsy - Hubby said that they were great from start to finish.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! So glad that you had such a great time with beautiful gifts and lovely cake! You always put money in a purse when you give it so that it will always have money and never be empty! So I hope that it works for you!! xx

    1. Thanks Amy. I think adding money does work - I am never without copper :-)